Tour Stardust Ranch!

Keep in mind this IS the desert southwest and there ARE critters of all kinds here - including ones that may cause severe bodily harm.
The ranch has visitors such as snakes (deadly and harmless), spiders, javelinas, and the occasional coyote or mountain lion. You will be required to sign a waiver at the front gate before you are allowed entrance on to the property.

The rules are as follows:

IMPORTANT: Stardust Ranch is a working horse ranch and is private property. You will be touring someone's HOME. Please show respect and courtesy to the property owners, the facilities and the animals as you walk through, or you will be escorted off the ranch with no refund.

Full Tour

  • walk-through of the entire facility, including the main house and living area
  • John will answer your questions and talk about various incidents which occurred
  • You may take photos
  • You will be shown artifacts
The full tour is limited to a maximum of 5 people and 3 hours in duration.

Requested donation to Hopeful Hooves, our 501(c)(3) charity: $1,000 per group of five or less.

Please contact Tour Scheduling to make arrangements.

Night-watch tour

Special arrangements can be made for a night-watch tour, which may include a 20 mile drive to an area known to locals for seeing lights and various crafts in the sky. The area is completely dark, so if you are afraid, do NOT sign up for this!

Bring your night-vision glasses if you have them, and infrared cameras. You never know what you may see!

Location and lodging

Stardust Ranch is located about 40 miles southwest of Phoenix, AZ.
Overnight accommodations are available in the city of Litchfield Park, Avondale and other nearby cities.


Stardust Ranch's history is rich with paranormal and extraterrestrial experiences since the ranch was developed some thirty years ago.
There is NO GUARANTEE that you will see anything unusual during your tour, so keep that in mind. Some people do see things, feel things, etc., but we've found you simply can't act quickly enough to catch it on video or audio.